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6 Ways to Build Self Confidence During Covid19

While you are looking for things to occupy yourself during this odd time I think that building your self confidence is a good place to start. Why not come out of this on top of your game rather than more depressed, anxious or angry?

Low self confidence can be deeply rooted in dysfunctional family or early adulthood experiences such as divorce, neglect, emotional or physical abandonment or emotional, physical, or sexual abuse. It can also come about as a product of ill health, job loss or the loss of a significant relationship.

When you suffer from low self confidence you miss out on opportunities to experience the world in the way that you would like. You may plan or live your life based on the suggestions of others, never really feeling like it reflects the genuine you. You may find yourself always “playing it safe” but then feeling empty or cheated with the result.

This topic can instill fear as you anticipate coming out of Covid lockdown with many decisions to make. It is likely that at least one area of your life will have changed drastically during this time and will require an overhaul. It’s a good time to do it from a place of confidence and trust in yourself rather than from fear or by the seat of your pants.

Here are 6 ways to start building self confidence right now:

  1. First off, don’t allow the fear of decision making to get in the way of your confidence growing process. Know that whatever decisions you make can be undone if necessary. Very few decisions are in a category that cannot be reversed. When faced with a big one,  spend some time and do a decision tree where you evaluate the various options. Just knowing that you are going to give it this type of attention can have a calming effect rather than causing panic. Don’t push yourself to make it until you have all the facts you need.  Financial and career decisions would fall under the category of a big one.
  2. Get to the bottom of your limiting beliefs and negative self messages. They came from somewhere and they need to go. It is likely that you are living your whole life around this incorrect information. These messages and the resulting limited behaviors are often the culprits in long term depression and anxiety.
  3. Trust your red flags.  There is a part of your brain that is geared to help you survive. When you learn to use it and trust it you will be eliminating many things that cause you grief down the road.
  4. Strategies found in cognitive behavioral therapy help you to analyze your thinking, and look for evidence to support or deny the things that your inner critic is saying to you. Dysfunctional thinking patterns are almost always at the root of low self confidence. To see which ones are limiting you please download my free resource from my site listed below in the bio section. For example, if you think that you are a failure, ask yourself, “What evidence is there to support the thought that I am a failure?” and “Do I also have evidence that I am not a failure?”
  5. This may sound improbable to you but one of the best ways to boost your confidence is to help others. Volunteering, mentoring or teaching others can give your confidence an exponential growth spurt. It doesn’t have to be a time suck, any small thing can help. Just knowing that you had a positive impact on someone starts the process!
  6. Visualization is the technique of seeing  yourself where you want to be, whatever the end result. Being able to visualize it makes it more real, it puts a face on a dream so to speak. By making it real in your mind you can feel it and again it becomes more ingrained on your brain, more attainable. You don’t go shopping for something specific not knowing what it looks like, same idea here.

These ideas will get you started in your quest to build self confidence, I hope your journey takes you exactly where you want to go!




6 Ways to Build Self Confidence During Covid19

Audrey Sherman, Ph.D.

Dr. Audrey Sherman is a licensed psychologist, coach and the author of the book Dysfunction Interrupted-How to Quickly Overcome Depression, Anxiety and Anger Starting Now. Her expertise is in defining, describing and transforming dysfunctional behavior and thought patterns learned in childhood or beyond that keep you anxious, depressed, angry, stuck in unhappy and unproductive relationships, jobs and more. Dr. Sherman developed the Dysfunctional Patterns Quiz and other free resources to help you determine the effects of these on your life. She works with individuals, conducts live and online workshops and trains others in her programs. To learn more about Dr. Sherman, you can visit her website.

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