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Career Tips for Those Living with Bipolar

Living with bipolar can be very tough because it affects so many different areas of your life. For example, when I first got diagnosed with bipolar, I had to figure out ways to NOT let negative comments and/or statements affect me. One small negative comment would consume my mind, and I would be thinking about it for days. The anxiety and stress would impact my mood and this would trigger a manic episode. So, to handle negative situations, I would choose my social circle carefully. I had to incorporate exercise into my lifestyle and change my diet because certain types of foods would interfere with my sleeping pattern. But, the biggest change I had to make was finding a career where I felt comfortable and didn’t add stress into my life. It’s well known that stress from work can be very bad for those living with bipolar because it can trigger mood swings.


Can Being Diagnosed with Bipolar Be a POSTIVE Thing?

Sometimes I think being diagnosed with bipolar has made me better throughout the years.

I wonder if it has done the same for you? I know after reading the title, your going to think I’m crazy, but keep reading so I can shed some insight on what I mean.

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in January 2000 and faced a lot of struggles throughout my life. I’ve had to work harder in certain areas of my life i.e work, relationships, lifestyle, and social circle. Living with bipolar is tough because anything can trigger a manic episode, and this can negatively affect different aspects of your life. For example, I would work hard at getting a job, and after a month would ruin everything because I didn’t feel like working anymore. Or, I couldn’t handle the stress of a relationship and would avoid seeing the person again. For anyone living with bipolar, you know exactly what I mean.