Guest Blog: My Uncle is Bipolar

The other day, my 18-year-old niece and I were chatting and the topic of me living with bipolar disorder came up. It wasn’t a particularly involved conversation, but her responses fascinated me.

As a writer and speaker, I discuss living with mental illness with hundreds...


How Does Depression Make Me Feel?

I don’t want to be depressed. It feels weird that I need to say that, but sometimes I have to remind people, myself included, that I didn’t choose this feeling -- if “feeling” is even the right word.

“Disorder” or “disease” would be more accurate,...


Bipolar Disorder and Pregnancy (Part 1 of 2)

Today, I am publishing the first of a two-part interview with Dr. Amanda Itzkoff, MD, about bipolar disorder and pregnancy. I am often asked about this subject and, since I am not a doctor nor a woman, I decided it was a good idea to seek the knowledge of a trained medical professional.

How do you advise women when they ask about the possibility of passing bipolar disorder on to their children?

Bipolar disorder is heritable (passed on in genes) to some degree. But inheritance...


Guest Blog: Biological Markers for Mental Illness

By: Vincent M. Wales

I am a person who lives with mental illness. I’m also a bit of a science geek. And I’m a writer, which means I’m also a researcher, by necessity. Put these all together, and you end up with a guy who likes to keep up with the science of mental illness – the causes, the symptoms, the treatments.

I’m also a person who is frustrated by the stigma surrounding mental illness and infuriated by those who deny that it exists....