This is your opportunity to gain valuable insight from an expert on the topic of living with mental illness.

My name is Gabe Howard and I live with bipolar and anxiety disorders. I’m an award-winning writer, a professional speaker, and I do mental illness advocacy work all over the country.

In addition to being an associate editor for, I’m also the host of The Psych Central Show.  I write for bipolar magazine online, have been published by the Stanford University School of Medicine blog, and I’m the author of this column, Don’t Call Me Crazy.

I also need your help.

Information About Mental Illness Can Be Complicated

Even with the vast array of information on the internet, there are more questions floating around about mental illness than there are answers. While most internet sites do a great job providing medical definitions of bipolar, depression, anxiety, etc., they don’t explain what it’s truly like to live with these disorders.

The science and medical communities study how various diseases affect the body. They are experts in diagnoses, outcomes, and disease processes. How a person living with mental illness feels about that is not their area of expertise.

In other words, a good doctor can tell you what medicines will help relieve the symptoms of bipolar disorder, but most can’t explain why so many bipolars stop taking their medications. While most providers have heard about mental illness stigma, most have not experienced it firsthand.

Submit Any and All Question About Mental Illness

As a professional speaker and writer, I answer questions from hundreds of people every year. I answer them from the perspective of someone living with mental illness, who works with others who live with mental illness, and who meets lots of people affected by mental illness – caregivers and patients alike.

There are no rude questions. Have questions about sexual side effects? Let’s talk about them. This information matters and is relevant. If you are angry at your children because of their behavior, let it out. This is your opportunity to gain valuable insight from an expert on the topic of living with mental illness.

Your questions will become future blogs and podcasts, and I will do my best to answer every single question I receive, all from the perspective of someone who has been there, done that, and survived.

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