fishingcrpdSo many of us describe ourselves as “crazy busy” these days. When did life get so complicated and overwhelming? Those lazy weekends sitting out on the porch drinking a lemonade or taking a leisurely stroll on an early summer evening seem to be a thing of the past. I believe it’s important to find those quiet moments both to savor life as well as tune in to our wisdom within.

I asked friends, Facebook fans, students and Intuition Newsletter subscribers the question, “How do you quiet your mind?” The result? A wondrous collection of unique ways to open your mind to the Divine.

“Often it’s as simple as a short walk in the park. I take time to breathe deeply and slow my mind. Answers come to me and I feel at peace.”

“Fishing gives me a connection to God. I’m out in nature, feeling the vastness of it and a gratefulness that I can be there in it. It’s a form of meditation to me. I’m calm, connected and in tune with the Divine (and hopefully catch a few fish for dinner, too!)”

“I enjoy yoga and chanting as a way to connect with All-That-Is. I use the holy word Om, alone or as part of a chant, because it is considered the primordial sound of the cosmos. It helps me feel settled and centered.”

“I love to find time for quiet in my life. I do that through yoga, walks and being in nature. I listen deeply within as I’m doing these activities and the answers I seek seem to arrive fully formed.”

“I lie down next to my big German Shepard. He’s so peaceful and full of unconditional love. I instantly feel connected to God’s love for all His creatures, including me.”

“I just sit for a few moments and listen to the birds sing and the leaves rustle in the breeze. I breathe deeply, grateful for each breath. I know God is alive in the world, in my soul and in my mind and body.”

“I like to go for a long run, asking a question and hearing what comes back.”

“Nature is where I find my answers. Listening to the sound of water (the ocean, rain, cascades, rivers…) True peace resides there.”

“I pray. I consider that a two-way conversation between God and me. I talk a lot, but I also make time for silence and to simply be still and listen. The answers don’t always arise fully formed, but they always come, sometimes when I least expect them.”

“I sit outside under the stars in total peace and quiet in the wonder of it all. It just clears my mind.”

“A warm bath with candles and soft music. The answers seem to come when I can relax and let go.”

“I lie still, breathe deeply and focus on my heart. The right answers always reside there.”

“I have an altar in the corner of my bedroom. I have photos of loved ones, a statue of Buddha and another of an angel, an image of Jesus and my rosary beads from my Catholic school upbringing. I also have a favorite spiritual book or two there. I open a book, read a passage and close my eyes to contemplate its meaning. I ask to be filled with God’s wisdom.”

“I simply sit wherever I am at the moment and say, ‘God’s peace flows through me and all around me.’ It settles my mind and heart right away.”

“I find there are so many moments throughout the day to connect with God. I lie in bed in the morning before coming fully awake and ask, ‘God, what would you have me know today?’ When I’m standing in line at the supermarket I feel God’s presence and try to send kindness and love to everyone I see. Sometimes in the midst of a busy day at the office, I’ll just close my eyes for a few moments and say, ‘God, I need your presence here with me now. I always feel a surge of warmth and inner peace.”

What about you? What are your favorite ways to connect with your own inner wisdom? I’d love to hear from you!

Fisherman photo available from Shutterstock