Do you envy someone you know who gets up every day and whistles a happy tune while preparing to go to work? Do you wish you could somehow tap into their secret and come up with a job for yourself that you actually look forward to, each and every day of your life?

Well, the fact is, there is no secret. That happy whistler, consciously or unconsciously, knew what would make them happy, and they took steps to ensure that they would get to where they wanted to be.

Unfortunately, there’s a good chance that you, like so many others, don’t know for sure what it is that would make you happy. So here’s a quick exercise from my book, “Divine Intuition,” that may help you move quickly to your perfect job.

Close your eyes and Imagine that you have a Wise Being who is your guide and he or she is sitting in front of you. Ask your Wise Being about your calling. “What can I do to begin to transform my hopes and dreams into a life I love?”

Listen carefully. Is there something that emerges, an idea that you always found interesting or compelling? Sometimes the calling delivers clues that no one but you can decipher.

You may get information about some steps you should begin to take, or a new way of thinking about your life. Try to listen with your heart, not your head. Perhaps a thought of “I’ve always wanted to…” will emerge. If it makes your heart open, it’s part of your answer.

Now, translate what you’ve learned about what would make you happy to what kind of job would be the perfect job for you. You may be surprised at what you come up with, but if it feels right, go for it! And once you get it, be prepared to deal with the envy of friends who wish that they too could whistle a happy tune on the way to work . . . just like you!