Making Sense of Those Pesky Life Transitions

One of my favorite books of all times is “Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes” by Wiliam Bridges. He wrote it over 25 years ago. It’s been revised and re-released several times this then. It’s truly a classic! Here’s a quote from the book that I especially like:

"Between letting go (of the old) and successfully launching the new there is a time of confusion and emptiness.  People often feel lost during this time,...

Goal Setting

Let Your Intuition Guide You to an Exciting Life

“Jerry” was a client I gave an intuitive reading to a few months ago. He had called because he was trying to figure out what kind of work he could do that would be exciting and profitable for him. At first he recited a litany of complaints about his current life and career.

His boss and co-workers didn’t appreciate him.
It was difficult for him to get to work at the required time.
He was bored with his work.


How to Start Your Day Happy

We’re in the midst of a deep winter chill and long dark days as I write this. Doesn’t it always seem more difficult to bounce out of bed feeling optimistic and cheerful when it’s dark and dreary? However, I’ve come to realize that starting the day in a positive frame of mind is a choice I make. Here are a few ideas I've experimented with that make it easier.

Begin Your Day Harmonically

There’s not much that gets...


Learn to Trust Your Intuition 101

Following your intuition does not have to be a time consuming process.
Here’s a way to get started.

Before you get out of bed each morning take one to two minutes to answer the following two questions:

What do you want to do today that feels enjoyable and will move you toward your hopes, goals and dreams? That’s your intuition speaking!
Think of a decision you need to make. Bring it to mind and ask your intuition, “What’s my right...


Ten Questions to Figure Out Your Life Purpose

I’m often asked about life purpose when I give an intuitive reading.
The answer doesn't usually come to me as a description of my client’s job or career. More often it’s a quality, attribute or characteristic we’re here to develop.

If you don't yet know your life purpose, here's a quiz for you.

1)  What are three of your best qualities? Perhaps these are things that your friends and family often say about you. (Examples: I am...

Goal Setting

Creating a Life You Adore!

I've been giving intuitive readings for over 25 years. I love helping people figure out what they want in life and providing insights that will allow them to achieve their dreams. Do you want to know what stops most people?

They don’t dream big enough so they feel uninspired to move forward.
They talk themselves out of the dream. “I can’t afford it.” “I’m not educated enough.” “I don’t deserve it.” Or “I don't know how to achieve...

Goal Setting

Are You Ready for a BIG Change?

Have you been telling yourself for ages that it’s time to leave your job, (move, end the relationship, get out of debt…)? You can fill in the blank with whatever life change you’ve been thinking about. What’s been stopping you? It could be that niggling little voice of fear. Or perhaps it’s a lack of confidence. Maybe the discomfort of staying where you are outweighs the potential effort of making the change.

When you’re bored, drained or...


Is it Your Intuition or Are You “Into Wishing?”

I've been speaking and writing about intuition for over twenty-five years. I’m passionate about the topic because I know it’s a valuable inner wisdom we possess and most of us under utilize it. One of the questions I'm asked most frequently is "How do I know it's my intuition and not fear (ego, wishful thinking, habit of thought)?" I wish I had a simple answer. Wouldn't it be great if the voice of your fear sounded...

Goal Setting

The Small Step Action Plan

Are you stuck in a rut? Or are you feeling overwhelmed and can’t seem to prioritize? Either way, implementing the “Small Step Action Plan” can help! Robert Maurer is the author of  One Small Step Can Change Your Life.  It’s one of my favorite books. The philosophy is rooted in the two thousand-year-old wisdom of the Tao Te Ching, "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” I think it should be required...


How to Manifest Things Right Away!

“We like things to manifest right away, and they may not.  Many times, we’re just planting a seed and we don’t know exactly how it’s going to come to fruition.  It’s hard for us to realize that what we see in front of us might not be the end of the story.” — Sharon Salzberg

You've visualized, meditated, affirmed, watched “The Secret” and read all of the Law of Attraction books and (darn it!) you still haven’t...