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For years there has been a known correlation between animal cruelty and abuse on humans.  For some perpetrators, the animal cruelty is practicing, studying or merely a dress rehearsal for the “big show” with their human victim(s).  The animal abuser will eventually graduate to their intended human targets.  And that is not a graduation certificate in their hand.  No, it’s a hand gun.

Who will the assumed target(s) be?  Will it be computer class?  Your wife?  Your kids?  A church meeting?  The manager at Meijer?

For example, on no occasion was the Parkland shooter, Nikolas Cruz, sentenced for cruelty to animals.  What if  a mental health professional caught Cruz in time before the school shooting?  He would get the much needed help, treatment and medication.  The horribly sad thing is, people knew Cruz was abusive to animals, but no one ever turned him in.

animal abuse

animal abuse

Objective statement

The objective is sharing with the public that 90 percent of mass shooters have a history of  animal crueltyStudies reveal if someone wants to inflict violence on animals, they are more than likely to do so on humans.

Just plain sick

This topic hits home for me in two ways .  First, when I was a little girl, I was sexually abused by a much older man.  I do not like talking about it because he was a horrible, horrible monster of a person.  My memory of the situation and the avalanche of consequences it led to, is still quite vivid.  If there was anything good to come out of it, in which there was, I can relate to other men and women who have been abused, too.

The second issue which hits home to me is, the animal abuse.  I have read books by popular true-crime novelists like Ann Rule.  In her book on the infamous Ted Bundy, she details the animal abuse he participated in when he was younger.  The animal cruelty was a foreshadowing of Bundy’s life of murder and mutilation yet to come.

I was looking for images of abuse for this article.  I had no idea that still-life images of animal abuse would make me cry.  I knew it would definitely make me blood-boiling angry, for I have two rescue dogs of my own.  Nobody better lay a hand on either one of them.

dog abuse

dog abuse

What can I do?

The strong and the courageous need to step up.  The abused is so weak, they can no longer help themselves.  Realize you may never be thanked for saving a life.  But at the end of the day, you can live with your own life knowing you saved a living creature.


The Daily News published a story that Senator Scott Wilk, R-Antelope Valley, which introduced legislation at the end of March 2018.  This legislation is in regards to the abuse of animals and a way of stopping the offenders from doing something worse such as taking the life of a human being.

This would require an evaluation from a professional  in the mental health field.  But you can say, let the Judges decide on whether or not the criminal deserves mental health treatment.   Ms. Larris, Senior Attorney with the Animal Legal Defense Fund, argues that a Judge should be the last person to determine someone’s mental incompetence. l  This decision of mental health and evaluation would need to come from a psychiatrist or psychologist.


Our nation needs to come together!  Neighborhoods, schools, therapists, churches, police departments, and all other groups or organization.  The bill by Senator, Scott Wilk (R) in Antelope Valley should be used as a guidepost for future legislation.


What could you do to help break the cycle?  Respond in the comments section below.


Should animal abusers get mandatory mental health evaluations?