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Moods and colors

How Does Color Affect Moods Regarding Mental Health?

It has long been know that colors affect moods.

Have you ever gone over to a friend’s house and the colors in the family room had an influence over your moods?  Maybe you went on a date with a special someone and the red they were wearing took your breath away.

In regards to mental illness, I believe it is imperative to know which colors triggers your mood.

Colors and Mental Health
Colors and Mental Health

Objective Statement

The objective of this blog is to demonstrate the importance of knowing the color and mood changes in a mentally ill person.

My Clash with Colors

I have bipolar disorder 1 and my moods have changed based on the colors that surround me or clothe my body.  In my twenties, I was not yet diagnosed with a mental illness. One evening, I was going to a party where I would see some friends. I had lost about 60 pounds since college and I looked sizzling hot.

The lights were down low in the party room where the festivities were held inviting black shadows from the corners of the room.  That night, I chose to wear a teal blouse and a short black shirt that fanned out when I walked.  Wearing the little black skirt along with the dark room, evoked feelings of confidence and sophistication.

Why Colors and Moods

Having a mental illness, one must be cognizant of the entities that may negatively impact their moodsMedicine can play a big part in helping to stabilize a person’s mood.  Along with talk therapy, many factors could affect one’s stability. With the information I am sharing with you on color and moods, it is a good idea to be mindful as to what colors trigger someone’s moods.

Meds to help stabilize moods
Meds to help stabilize moods


There are many studies in interior design as well as fashion on how color affects moods.  If you want to redecorate your house and want to paint the walls and add some accent pillows on the couch and hang some prints on the wall, you need to know what specific colors will upset your stability.  If you’re going to the mall to shop for new clothes, it will benefit you to know the colors that drive your moods.

  • Red is associated with war, danger, power and also signifies peril
  • Orange generates fake, strong-willed, boastful and moocher moods
  • The yellow color furthers moods such as insanity, envy, anxiety, depression and cautiousness
  • Green arouses feelings of animosity, aggression, aversion or aloofness
Colors and moods
Colors and moods
  • As a cool color, blue can sometimes seem frigid, inaccessible and cold
  • Purple exudes feelings of enmity, animosity, heartache or disregard
  • Pink is associated with fragile, defenseless, and goofy. It is also linked to superficiality and the inability to see the truth
  • Shabbiness, greediness, and showy moods can happen as a result of seeing the color brown
  • White encourages the moods of  barrenness, iciness, walls, rudeness, and high society
  • Feeling of slavery, standoffish, bully, and heaviness show up when the color black is prominent


You know the flightiness of your own moods.  Help get them under control by keeping your moods as stable as possible.  Medicines and sessions with your therapist are fabulous at keeping us stable.  But…you can’t leave all the work up to your meds and therapy.  You must be aware of how colors affect your mood, too.


What colors are dominant in your life?  Have you noticed any colors that stir a positive or negative mood when you are by yourself or with other people?  Please answer these questions and share any other comments you have with our community by writing a comment below.







How Does Color Affect Moods Regarding Mental Health?

Amy Pierce Romine

I am a published content and freelance writer, award-winning blogger, public speaker, copy editor and social media consultant. From adolescence through the decade of my 20’s, I went without knowing anything was wrong with me. A mental illness was the farthest possibility from my mind (LOL! No pun intended). After my first diagnosis of just “bipolar”, I waited another seven years to discover my most current diagnosis. I have bipolar 1 with psychotic features, mixed episodes and ultra-rapid cycling. An extension of my diagnosis includes the bipolar type of AD/HD, OCD, GAD and social anxiety. At the end of the day, it all comes down to my faith in God and of course my friends and family who encourage and support me every step of the way. You can find me at my other blog, Life Conquering Blog for Mental Health.

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