Blasting Anxiety with Prayer

I have generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)GAD equates to having anxiety about everything at a very high frequency.  The recent psychiatrist I am seeing told me I have extreme anxiety.  Now, I have never heard of that one before.  I guess "extreme" anxiety could...


Music that Comforts the Soul

Music has always been a part of my life. From classical to jazz to Christian rock, I have always found music that comforts the soul. While living with a mental illness, my connection with music is even more amazingly real and powerfully healing.

I have...

Coping Strategies

Life’s curveballs, the ER and five prescriptions later

I have been MIA (missing in action) as contributing author for some time now from   July has been a hard month.  I will be glad when August finally gets here.

life's curveballs

Life threw me a curveball.  (I bet you've been through one of those.)  Even though I was super sick, I was still able to successfully catch the curveball and bring home a win.

I am attempting to reach out to all of...