Why We Need a Canadians with Disabilities Act

The United States along with Sweden and the have taken the leap forward to enshrine disability rights into law. The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law by President George Bush (senior) in 1990. Since its creation, this hallmark legislation has become the standard for other countries. Canada is a country which prides itself on being a multicultural country – welcoming to people from other cultures and countries. Yet, it still struggles when it...


Why we need to talk about disability

When I first acquired a disability almost 18 years ago it was a situation of great irony. I had worked on behalf of people with disabilities for many years, as a proactive program director, an advocate, and author of a book on empowerment for people with disabilities. So, was there a message from the universe in all of this? Possibly. I know this – I still believe in the principles of empowerment now just as much...


Welcome to Disability & Empowerment

How can a person with a disability lead an empowered life?

"There are numerous issues which affect people with disabilities in many different ways than they do people without disabilities. For example, if a person who is from the Deaf Culture seeks psychotherapy; how many therapists know American Sign Language? Or, would the person somehow be able to find finding to support them to have an Interpreter present? These are our unique issues."

So says...