About Jameca W. Falconer, Ph.D.

jameca-falconerDr. Jameca W. Falconer is an accomplished Counseling psychologist, educator, entrepreneur, and civic leader. With clinical expertise in geriatric psychology, Dr. Falconer is one of the leading providers of psychotherapy services to older adults in St. Louis. After recognizing the overwhelming need for mental
health services among older African Americans in St. Louis, Dr. Falconer launched her psychotherapy practice in 2006.

Her company, Diverse Ventures, LLC, provides psychological services to thousands of St. Louis area residents, many of whom have functional and physical limitations to leaving their homes. As president and clinical director of Diverse Ventures, she has provided a valuable service to residents of Saint Louis, at a time when many health providers have abandoned in-home visits. She is currently the Counseling Psychologist at Logan University College of Chiropractic.

Prior to starting Diverse Ventures, Dr. Falconer was an Assistant Professor of Psychology at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Dr. Falconer has also served as Adjunct Faculty at Southern Illinois University Dental School, Webster University and Maryville University. She has been the recipient of teaching awards for her stellar performance in college classrooms and was recently nominated for the prestigious William T. Kemper award for Excellence in Teaching at Webster University. Dr. Falconer takes great pride in her work with students and serves as an Intercultural Research Consultant at Webster University. In this capacity, she helps to guide the research and professional endeavors of undergraduate and graduate students which a particular focus on racial and ethnic research projects.

Community Involvement

Dr. Falconer is a past president of the Association of Black Psychologists (Saint Louis Chapter), and President of the Tougaloo College Alumni Association (St. Louis chapter). Her leadership in both organizations has helped to re-engage members and stimulate more community outreach efforts. Much of Dr. Falconer’s community involvement has focused on increasing the awareness of mental health conditions and decreasing the stigma associated with mental health in communities of color.


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