Moms. they are our best friends, our #1 supporter and our biggest cheerleaders. Even with all the nagging and guilt-tripping, they mean well. Whether it’s your grandmother, aunt or friend, everyone has a mom in their life.

My mother recently lost one of her best friends. She was someone that was not only dear to my mother and me but also dear to my children. Her death was abrupt and no one was prepared for it. She was diagnosed with cancer and died 30 days later after starting chemotherapy. I had a text conversation with her son a few days after her death and he said, “I thought I had more time.” It broke my heart because I think about how many moments we throw away.  I am guilty of it as well. How many times have you decided to make the drive later, take the flight later, make the call later or say the words later? We do it because we assume that we will have a later.

In honor of Mother’s Day, I suggest four things to do this Mother’s day that will cost you very little money, time and energy.

  1. Obligatory gift-giving is a malignant cultural value, and we’ve bought into it. To elevate the depths of our lives, we must change our focus from consumption and obligation to love and support. To change these ingrained patterns, we must change our mindsets. The best present is YOU. The people I care about mean much more to me than a new pair of shoes or a new purse. I would much rather spend hours of quality time with someone than them give me gift. This Mother’s Day, present the gift of your time to someone. And consider soliciting gifts of time on this Mother’s Day.
  2. Digital gifts are progressive. Consider subscriptions to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, SiriusXM, Spotify or Pandora for $54.89 ( options are subscriptions to online newspapers or magazines of particular interest. How about an Amazon Prime Membership or a Kindle subscription for your mom? Anyone who gifts me an Amazon prime membership is my friend for life! If you know a new mom, consider giving her the gift of Amazon Mom.
  1. Gifts that encourage a memorable experience with your mom. Tickets to a show, festival, concert, play or musical. How about paying for your mom’s yoga lessons or gym membership. Better yet, book an overnight at a bed & breakfast within a few hours’ drive for just you and your Mother.
  2. Edible or Consumable gifts. What moms don’t love gourmet coffees or teas? Try the Crazy Coffee Company, a black owned business in the Midwest. What mom won’t appreciate a good glass of wine. Check out the Brown Estate, a black owned winery in Napa Valley (


If you’re lucky enough to celebrate this Mother’s Day with your mom, you should make sure it is an extra special day.

Make the drive, take the flight, make the call and say the words.


***Dedicated to Amanda, all of the mothers that we have lost, all of the children who have lost mothers and all of the mothers that are still here.