What a Dandelion Taught me about Life, Death, and Mindfulness

Dandelions are really annoying. We all know these yellow colored devils that pop up seemingly out of nowhere and by the thousands every Spring. But, something in this dreaded flower decided to give me a little lesson in life yesterday and draw me to it. We had a therapy session. Instead of a couch, I stood, because who takes a couch on a walk. If you do, please email me your weight-lifting routine.



Why I Must Be Crazy to Believe in God AND Medicine

Do you remember what it was like before you got “the label”, “the diagnosis”, the “ahh, so that’s what this is”? Do you remember what it was like when you heard those words, “You’re depressed, you’ve had a psychotic break, you’re bipolar, you seem to suffer from anxiety, you have a personality disorder called Borderline Personality ”. Do you remember where you were when you first received the news and despite the language...


You have a story to tell and it’s time to tell it! Read on..

Everyone has a story. I have a story, you have a story, we all have something to offer this world through our experiences. The reason why, you ask, or may wonder is because we all have different perceptions of each experience. Take a trauma, for instance. Two children could encounter a very scary, angry dog at a young age and the barking alone could be enough to scare both children to the point...


When Depression Knocks, Invite It in for a Chat

*Several knocks at the door, your heart drops, 'It's time' you think to yourself. You turn the *

Greetings old friend. I see you’ve come back again. You’ve found your way back and even came through the same door you used to. People, places, things. That’s what they used to tell me would help keep you away. Exercise, they said would keep you at bay, but alas, here you are. I see you found your...


Identity Theft: How Labels Have Stolen Your Life

I’m different.

Are you really? What makes you so different? An illness? A diagnosis? Something that has caused a setback or caused you to have an issue or multiple issues in your life? I don’t think so. I mean, I really don’t. Let me explain why. I think that you’re not so different because everyone has stuff. Only when we see someone who is trained to compartmentalize the ‘stuff’ do we find out that our stuff has...


What Pro Wrestling Taught Me about Mental Health

My Hero

“Good God! Good God! Will somebody stop the damn match? Enough’s enough!” JR screamed out from the announce table and over the airwaves as Mick Foley’s (Mankind) body lay on the ground, lifeless, and seemingly without hope. His opponent (The Undertaker) jumped down through the cage and I sat back, stunned. The paramedics came and Mick was taken off on a stretcher.

I was scared. I was scared for the wrestler, my...


The Greatest Lie You’ve Ever Been Told

“I’m all alone” I hear whispered in my ear. The lie is like an old friend that I’ve long shut out of my life that keeps rapping at the door to my mind. Lately, I’ve found myself feeling increasingly alone. I had a whole other blog written up to catch attention and to bring in readers, and then, when I read today’s post from Melody Beattie’s “Language of Letting Go”, I realized why I go back...


Why You Need to Drop the Mask

If I can be honest, I’ve worked on this blog post for days. I have written and re-written this blog to make it perfect. I wanted to come across as the man who has it ‘all-together’ the man who has the answers, the answers that will make him the next Kay Redfield Jamison or the next Elyn Saks. But am I? Probably not. I can strive to be that person, but for now, I am me...