Walking: The New Anti-Depressant

A photo of "Bob" taken on my walk
Simple. We do it every day. Well, most of us. There are some who cannot, do not, or will not. The first is nature, the second may be because of obligation, but the third is by choice.

I've often fallen into the third category.

Walking is the simplest, easiest, and least stressful form of activity possible. It's almost "too good" to be true....


Bipolar Living: Love Strongly and Live Daily

pre-walk game faces!

Last night, I was walking Ladybug to release the stress of the day back into the earth (hence, get grounded) and while walking, I came upon my cousin's husband, Jon, having a fire.

I announced myself after coming through a set of trees (I'm a big guy to come out of the dark) and then went up and started talking with him.

I decided to take advantage of...


What’s a Picture Worth to You?

The following was originally a Facebook post, but I thought it good enough to share with my readers.  

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Dear Reader/Viewer,
I embarked on this little project today to release some creative energy. While talking with my mom, who was upset about how she looked in a new shirt, I started taking her picture as she processed the experience.

Her first reaction was fear mixed with...


Shackled by Fear? I’ve got the key..


The Intro: At times, I feel scared as hell.

Fear is something that, as a person with Bipolar, grips me and, at times, shackles me through delusions, body sensations, and, to be honest, visual hallucinations (mostly shadows).

Darkness runs through my mind, my eyes, my heart, and everything around it. The first thought is "Be afraid" or "This is terrifying" but I realize that my mind is giving me the gift of "seeing" my anxiety...


Confessions of a Bipolar Blogger

Confessions of a Bipolar Blogger

I think the hardest thing about baring your soul on a piece of paper is doing just that, baring it on a piece of paper, but the hardest thing about baring your soul to the internet community is (and essentially, the world) is that there is a very real possibility that nobody will care.

I’ve sat back with excitement, anxiety, frustration, depression, manic-like highs, and now depressive-like lows mixed with...