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What I’ve learned by walking daily (well, almost)

I’ve started to learn: I matter.

Sure, I tell myself I go for the dog. I tell myself that Ladybug always smiles when we go for our daily walks. I always tell myself that this is about her and not about me.

But, it’s a lie. Ever lie to yourself?

It is about me and it is about her. Why can’t it be about both of us?

The problem with being a people-pleasing, anxiety-ridden, performance seeking soul is that you often serve other people and neglect yourself because the ‘applause’ is intoxicatingly addictive. But one day, you open your eyes and you realize who you’ve been up to that point in your life is nothing short of a facade, a mask, and it needs to come off. You should consider dropping the mask.

My daily walks are teaching me, reminding me, and encouraging me to take 10 minutes a day, for me, and walk.

Not to get anywhere, not to do anything (I try not to see it as exercise) and just throw myself into the movement of my body. It sounds crazy, but it’s worked and it’s healing for my mind.

My walks are helping me lose myself and find myself.

I feel like I’m walking off years baggage.

Walking to me, could be what your drive home is to you. Remember, your fearless blogger is unable to drive at the moment and this walk gets me out and reminds me that I’m only imprisoned if I choose to be.

At one time, I was on house arrest. 3 agonizingly long and lonely months. At times, today, I will start to feel trapped in my circumstances and this 10-minute walk reminds me that true freedom is always a choice, but a choice that needs to be made daily.

Walking is showing me that people today don’t want to work for freedom, myself included. 

However,  we need to work for it, because we will come out stronger, more resilient, and wiser than before. Then, in turn, we can help the next generation of mentally ill.

Are you willing to better yourself, TODAY, in order to help the next generation of mentally ill?

Remember, you do not choose to be a victim, but you do choose to remain one. You are not your past hurts, mistakes, or failures. You and your life are meant for more.

What are you willing to do for yourself, today? 

I took a walk because I had to not because I felt like it.

I felt it today. The darkness creeping in. A short 16 minute walk and I’m back in the light.

If you’ve not taken a walk yet, I encourage you to do so.


If you really want to smile, take a walk in the rain and just enjoy getting soaked! Why should kids have all the fun?
If you really want to smile, take a walk in the rain and just enjoy getting soaked! Why should kids have all the fun?

So go ahead and step outside, take a breath, and remember that you exist in a world full of people just like you. We hurt, we feel too strongly, we are sometimes unbalanced and in pain, but we are strong and resilient. If you’re like me you need reminded, daily, that you’re not alone and that you are loved and worthy of love.

You’re not alone, dear reader.

Take a walk, observe, and realize that your life is before you and all you are responsible for is one step at a time, but not taking a step is also a decision.

Own your decisions and your recovery.

Don’t be scared. Take that step.

Be well. Live well. Do well.

In service,


What I’ve learned by walking daily (well, almost)


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