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Archives for January, 2014

Coping with Depression

Humor as preventive mental health care: Doberhuahua

I am totally into preventive health care - especially mental health care.

We hear a lot about preventive health care, such as mammograms,  monitoring blood pressure and testing cholesterol levels. We don't hear much about preventive mental health care.

I practice preventive mental health care. It's a program I came up with on my own based on a bunch of stuff I've read and been told by people I trust. It's based on this simple premise: my...
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Worried? Quality of evidence FDA uses to approve medications varies widely

An article published in today's issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association has me kind of freaked out.

According to a press release advancing the article, Wide Variation Found in Quality of Evidence Used By FDA For Approval of New Drugs:

“Many patients and physicians assume that the safety and effectiveness of newly approved therapeutic agents is well understood; however, the strength of the clinical trial evidence supporting approval decisions by the FDA has not been evaluated.”
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