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Archives for October, 2013


Finally: Medicare rules for community mental health centers

Today the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services of the Department of Health and Human Services is releasing conditions of participation (CoPs) that community mental health centers (CMHCs) must meet in order to participate in the Medicare program.

This means there are finally rules that  "focus on the care provided to the client, establish requirements for staff and provider operations, and encourage clients to participate in their care plan and treatment."

We're talking about protecting not only the 48 million seniors covered...
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Public Policy

I Bet She Had “A History of Mental Illness.”

After learning that the driver who was killed after a chase through Washington was not a terrorist but a woman with a baby in the car, my first thought was: "Let me guess, she had a history of mental illness."


I'm sure I was not the only journalist in the country with that thought. In newsrooms throughout the land I'm sure there were reporters and editors who said, "I bet she had a...
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