pillsandprescriptioncrpdI’m back.

For once I did what I was told to do – called the nurse practitioner – and she helped pull me out of it. I told her I had not hit bottom and had not thought of suicide but I was definitely on my way down. Her first question: Are you on the generic*? I had to check the bottle and indeed, I was.

Before tweeking my cocktail, which has worked well for years, she wrote me a script for the brand name. If that’s the problem, you should start to feel better in a couple of days, she told me. If not, then we’ll look at changing doses. Thankfully, I did feel better after a couple of days. It still took most of the week for that foggy, thick feeling in my head to clear up. But I am feeling much, much better.

Which begs the question: What’s up with generic antidepressants? My nurse practitioner said I am her third patient who has had problems with this particular antidepressant’s generic version and her last patient ended up in the hospital. I also take Wellbutrin and found out that the FDA took a second look at the generic version of Wellbutrin XL 300 after complaints that it wasn’t working. I have an appointment coming up and want to find out if we should report this to the FDA.

The weird thing is that I had been on the generic version for awhile and didn’t have any problems. I have a mail-order prescription program through my company’s insurance program. I get a three-month supply for the ridiculously low price of $60. I had just refilled the prescription and started taking the newly filled generic about two-three weeks before I tanked.

I hadn’t felt well during those few weeks and after a little research discovered that the symptoms I experienced were similar to withdrawal symptoms. Is it possible that I got a bad batch? Or is it that my body up and decided that it didn’t like the generic anymore and wanted the real deal?

I want to to know.

* I deliberately left out the name of the drug. Last thing I need is to be sued by a pharmaceutical company.

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