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Archives for July, 2012

Coping with Depression

Break-Up Angst and Depression

Today is the day the rubber hits the road. The pedal hits the metal. My alcoholism, depression, bipolar hit the proverbial fan. And a bunch of other stupid idioms that somehow seem appropriate right now.

My five-year relationship with a childhood sweetheart ended after he casually mentioned, while describing his "epic" vacation, that his ex-wife tagged along. He couldn't believe I wasn't more understanding because, really, it was in the kids' best interest. Really?

The last...
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Affordable Care Act: Making It Easier To Find Providers

Sometimes the little things are a really big deal.

I've been working on an article on the impact the Affordable Care Act will have on those of us with mental illnesses. I have been focusing on the big picture - no more denials for pre-existing conditions, parity coverage for mental illnesses and children up to age 26 staying on their parents' plan. These are the big ticket items that will have big impact.

Under the ACA,...
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