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Archives for May, 2012


A Dual-Diagnosed, Sober Alcoholic’s Take on a “Sober Pill”

Being a recovered alcoholic and boozeless for nearly 14 years, you can imagine how wide my eyes opened when I read recent headlines about research on lomazenil.

Sober Pill Might Prevent People From Getting Drunk

Could New Drunk Antidote Help Drinkers Drive?

A Pill to Stay Sober????

New Pill Let's You Drink Without Getting Drunk

The commotion began when some zealous journalists got loosey-goosey with the facts - claiming that researchers at Yale...
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Motherhood and Depression

My daughter and I have a mutual bond. I gave her life. She saved mine.

In the throes of my last and hopefully final deep depression, I told my therapist and nurse practitioner: "Anything happens to her, I'm outta here." By "anything" I meant death.

I had no reason to live except for my daughter. She was my anchor to life. I had secretly tried to kill myself twice before, as a young woman, and I...
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