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Archives for February, 2012


Whitney Had No Demons

Would you like to know how many times "Whitney Houston" and "demons" appear together in a Google search?


That's a lot of demons for a woman who had none. Whitney Houston was mentally ill. She had the disease of addiction. She was not possessed. She was very, very sick. I afford her the same compassion and sympathy as I would someone who is slowly dying from cancer or some other progressive, fatal illness.

Addicts and alcoholics...
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Disappointment ≠ Depression

In the words of the prophetic Chumbawumba, "I get knocked down, but I get up "

And again. And again. And again.

If there is one thing I do truly well, it's disappointment. You would think that somewhere along the way I would have learned that expectations are premeditated disappointments. The way to avoid a helluva lot of disappointment is to stop expecting things to turn out my way.

Like, if you don't expect to get roses...
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Depression and Bipolar: When Will I Learn? It’s the Caffeine and Alcohol, Stupid

I drank a Red Bull.

What the hell was I thinking? I wrote a while back about the effects of stimulants on the manic brain - like mine. It took me a few decades, but I came to the conclusion that caffeine is probably not the smartest thing for me to ingest. It seemed kind of stupid to feed a stimulant to an already stimulated brain. So, I quit caffeine. You don't realize...
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Job Stress and Depression: I Just Need to Get This Out…

Sometimes I feel like an alarm clock - necessary but loathed by the people you disturb.

That's what it is like to be a newspaper reporter. Writing a balanced and fair story means you tick-off everyone in it. Just asking questions and doing research for a story incenses some people. But everyone wants the media to do its job - report what, how and why something happened. Ferret out wrongdoing or refute gossip....
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