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My Depression Hates the “C” Word

I hate the "C" word.


Both my parents died of cancer. Dad died first. The week after we buried him, Mom started her last round of chemo. Eighteen months later, she was dead, too. It was a really rough couple of years. I hadn't wanted to think about this today but it seems I pressed the wrong buttons on the remote when I ordered a Pay Per View movie and instead of getting Steve Martin,...
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Staying Sober and Depression-Free with the Housewives of Beverly Hills

Sometimes the power of a bad example is as powerful as a good example. I'm thinking of Kim Richards, one of the housewives on The Housewives of Beverly Hills.

My daughter got me hooked on that show when she came home from college on winter break.  There was a time - not too long ago - when that little intellectual dilettante in me would have dismissed such a show as...
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Coping with Depression

Me, My Depression and The Donald

The great thing about being a journalist in south Florida is you get some really weird assignments. Couple of years ago I went alligator hunting with some wounded vets courtesy of the Wounded Warrior Project. I've been assigned to go scuba diving to cover damage to coral reefs. Chased oil in the bayous of Louisiana after the BP disaster. Been to more crime scenes than I can remember and...
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