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Archives for October, 2011


Depression and the Holidays: Oh Boy, Here We Go Again!

Why can't we celebrate one holiday at a time? Is that asking too much?

I went to the store yesterday to buy Halloween candy and already the Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff is out. It wasn't like this when I was growing up. We used to anticipate and savor every holiday on its own. We didn't mash them all together.

This holiday goulash phenomenon upsets me for a couple of reasons. The holidays stress me out....
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The “L” Word (layoffs) Strikes Again…But Not My Mania

"Brace yourself," she said.

It seemed like any other Friday morning. I went to the gym, took Dog to the park, made lunch and drove to work. I parked in the same spot. Swiped my security card at the same door and said "Mornin'" like I do every morning.

My co-worker, Carol looked like she had been crying.


Three in my department - 24 overall.

The layoffs and buyouts began at my company about three...
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Fly-Fishing & Bipolar: It’s Progress…Huge Progress


I have been on vacation.  A vacation without cellphones, wifi or even my watch. The kind of vacation where time stands still and you forget what day it is. I slept until my body told me to wake up. I fell asleep when it got dark because at 39-degrees and 10,000 feet, up in the mountains where the mountain lions roam, there is not a lot to do after dark but talk, sleep and pray...
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