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Archives for September, 2011


Gun Rights of the “Mentally Defective”: Give Me Liberty or Give Me an Explanation

I subscribe to some really strange electronic newsletters. I don't know why, except they are free and usually on topics that have absolutely nothing to do with my life - like one on military immunizations I subscribed to after the anthrax scare.

My latest is a newsletter from the Federal Firearms Licensee Information Service, a division of the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosive at the Justice Department.

I find the bureau's activities fascinating. It's like the folks in Washington decided to...
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Drunk, Depressed and 15-Years-Old: There’s ADAP For That

Way back in the 1970's, when I was a teenager, the only depression we knew about was the one in 1929 that made our parents and grandparents tightwads. Back then, teenagers with depression either hid it (like I did), self-medicated (like I did) or were loners - kids who did not fit in.

So when I heard a local couple who had lost their son to bipolar was underwriting Johns Hopkins' ADAP program...
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Rant-o-Rama: Blue Cross’ end run around the mental health parity law

I know it's only September but I think it's safe to say that Blue Cross and Blue Shield is the undisputed winner of the 2011 If-At-First-You-Don't-Succeed  Award.
After losing the decades-old mental health parity battle with the passage of the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act in 2008, Blue Cross and Blue Shield has orchestrated a very clever end run around the new law.
Here in Florida, it will work...
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Coping with Depression

My Antidepressants Cost How Much?!?!

I think the people who set the prices for my medications are the same folks who decided Michael Vick should be paid $100 million for playing football.

I took a look at the actual price of my antidepressants and mood stabilizer yesterday and about passed out. Over $1,000 for a  3-month supply of my medications. You're probably wondering how that amount of money could have slipped by a coupon-clipping, single-mom with a kid...
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