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Archives for September, 2010

Hypomania: Bipolar Lite

There was an article about me in the New York Times yesterday. It's on the front page of the Business section: Just Manic Enough: Seeking the Perfect Entrepreneur.

I am not actually mentioned in the article. It's about a brilliant young entrepreneur named Seth Priesbatsch. But it might as well be about me and my hypomania.

" "Elevated" hardly describes this guy. To keep the pace of his thoughts and conversations at manageable levels, he runs on a track every morning until he literally collapses....
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Being Vincent: On Feeling Van Gogh’s Mania and Depression

Vincent van Gogh's last self-portrait is on exhibit at our local art museum until February. It is on loan from the National Gallery in Washington - swapped for Gaugin's self-portrait in Gesthemane, which he painted shortly after his friend Vincent killed himself.

One of my editors invited me to write an article on van Gogh's mental illnesses, which is like inviting me to shop at Nordstrom's with your credit card. Of course I will...
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