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Archives for August, 2010

Depression in the Gulf: $52 Million is a Good Start

On Monday, BP announced it would give $52 million to five federal and state agencies to pay for mental health and substance abuse care in Gulf Coast communities affected by the oil spill.

It's one small step for BP and one giant leap for legitimizing mental health care. Until now, the physical impact of the oil spill has been well documented and tended. Oily birds are lovingly bathed, skimmers troll the coastal waters and claims checks are slowly rolling in.

As for anguish and anger,...
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Coping with Depression

Mr. Feinberg: Depression is Real

The last time I checked, my head was still attached to my body. Yours is probably, too. So is Kenneth Feinberg's, which is why I do not understand why Mr. Feinberg, the oil spill claims czar, has decided to pay claims for "physical" health problems but not "mental" health problems.
"Mental" health problems are conditions that disrupt a person's thinking, feeling, mood, ability to relate to others and daily functioning. They...
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My Depression. My Anger. My Baseball Bat.

And the topic at tonight's meeting

I am not a violent woman but I have anger "issues." A lot of us women have anger "issues" - we just don't know it. That's because we don't know how angry we are. For me, I didn't really even know what anger was until I was told I was angry.

I learned there is obvious, apparent anger - like when your girlfriend brings over her little dog...
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Depression, Codependency and My Cape

My phone rang at 4:45 am on Thursday morning. I didn't recognize the number so I didn't answer it. Then I heard that little voicemail alarm and I was like, oh man, what now?

It was a friend who was about to be arrested. The deputy was kind enough to let my friend use his phone and make a call. An arrest warrant had been issued because my friend had failed to...
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