One thought on “Meditation: Can You Empty Your Mind?

  • June 29, 2012 at 11:30 pm

    it always amazes me just how poor the understanding of meditation is

    let’s take Buddhist mediation or maybe i should rather say let’s take meditation as it was “sold” to the earliest followers of Buddhism

    to understand meditation you have to understand who it was that took up meditation and why

    simply, it was always and everywhere the warrior class

    yes that meant also that it was the educated elite

    but it was not so much their education that attracted them as their warrior spirit

    meditation is a challenge where the combatants are you and yourself

    the body naturally deals with suppression of movement by sending signals that eventually scream “move”

    this is natural – the whole system is one of complex feedback systems that lead to “homeostasis”

    health, well-being

    but forced to sit unmoving the system rebels and with ever louder calls for movement that lead to well-being the battle becomes one of epic proportions and it is this epic battle that sold meditation to the warrior casts

    can YOU defeat yourself?

    can you?

    many great warriors have tried and failed

    meditation is not about anything other than this battle – do you have such will-power that you can suppress the most basic drives within you?

    we say that we turn the battle into one where we perceive thoughts and learn to just let them go

    but thoughts are born of the whole of what we are and “perceiving” them is an illusion such that to try to learn to let something that is an illusion go is itself an illusion

    therefore meditation has nothing whatsoever to do with thoughts

    thoughts are often a reaction to sensation or feelings born of sensations that can have their beginnings from either within or without

    they are children of sensation

    that we might not be able to trace back from thought to source sensation is simply a result of the way that we have evolved – with layer upon layer of ancestral system interacting in all ways with each other and with all of ourselves – from the smallest nerve ending to the largest and most powerful organs

    we are a seething mass of sense and sensation

    to isolate an “I” from these sensations and to have that “I” suppress them and render them subservient to the “I”

    is what the challenge of meditation is

    and consequently it is a challenge that can never be successful for it is born of illusions

    yes there are those who can sit for longer than others – and they then become “gurus”

    but they are false gurus as it is the chance of birth and growth that gave them this ability and not any real skill

    it is not that trying to exercise the pointless task of suppressing an illusionary other with an illusionary higher self is not good for you – it certainly might be (it keeps you out of other people’s hair at least)

    it is that so few people understand what it’s all about and sing the praises of something that they just simply do not understand as if the saying of same magic word or the exercising of some magic gesture might lead to the illusionary goal called enlightenment

    it does not

    and neither does meditation


    like all activities to which you can bring your entire focus

    the doing is its own reward



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