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Archives for June, 2011


4 Healthy Lifestyle and Healthy Heart Factors for Women

It may come as no surprise that leading a healthy lifestyle has physical benefits, but it bears repeating.  It’s easy to overlook the impact of some of our most basic lifestyle choices on both our mental and physical health.  But those everyday habits that you form around how you eat and sleep, whether you exercise and how you manage stress have mental and physical consequences.

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How to Think Assertively

Many people develop beliefs that lead to avoiding conflict in the short term, but create long term resentments and loss of self-respect.  Beliefs that interfere with self respect include:

“saying no is selfish”
“Making requests of others is self-centered”
“It’s wrong (selfish, bad) if someone gets upset with me” and
“I should sacrifice my needs to others”
I can’ do it.  I’m stupid.  I’ll mess it up.

Everyone worries about standing up for themselves to some degree.  But, if...
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