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Marriage Course For Hurting Couples

Learn How To Improve Communication and Connection In Your Marriage

One of the most common concerns that lead people to seek marriage counseling or relationship counseling is:

Needing help with communication.

Take a look at your relationship. Explore the following:

  • How vulnerable are you with your partner?
  • How willing are you to say how you feel or to express a concern without feeling that it would be taken the wrong way?
  • Do you trust that your partner is completely open with you?
  • Do you feel like you are walking on eggs shells and struggling to speak your mind?

At times you find yourself in a relationship that just about everything is going well. Yet, when you dig just a little bit deeper you start to notice that there are a few things you are not sharing. Maybe you are not sharing that you need more help with the kids at home. Or, that you feel underappreciated.

Couples seek support with communication, not just to speak to each other. That would be far too simple. They seek support to learn how to break down walls that restrict vulnerability. When a person is vulnerable, they are able to say what they want without fear or worry that something negative will take place. The person is able to express their concern in a manner that allows them to feel a follow-up conversation will come after.

Take a closer look at your relationship. Consider how well you and your partner are doing in entering, navigating and exciting conversations.

Below is a video that shares tools for improving communication.

After watching the video, consider what you can apply to your relationship. As a relationship counselor, I encourage couples to actively find ways to improve their relationship. To strengthen whats working and identify ways to increase awareness of sustainability.

If you would a self-paced relationship course that can help you and your partner improve on what’s working and overcome negative hurtful challenges explore the Relationship Strengthening Course.

The course includes 4 lessons, 11 exercises, and 1 coaching call to review the course, ask questions and work on change. The lessons are divided into 9 guided sections. 3 Bonus materials are included as well as a copy of Mr. Santos latest relationship book Couples Workbook: Making Your Relationship Work.

“The course provides easy to follow activities, educational guidance to improve the ability to work together, and a coaching call to address issues and improve the success of the relationship. I look forward to our coaching call and your happiness”


CLICK HERE to see how the course can help

Marriage Course For Hurting Couples

Juan Santos M.S., CRC, LPC

Mr. Juan Santos is a professional counselor, private practice consultant and book author who specializes in relationship stability and understanding separation indicators. He has conducted hundreds of couples counseling sessions. Mr. Santos is the creator of two successful relationship strengthening courses: "A Marriage Preparation Course: For Premarital Couples" and "The Relationship Building Course: For struggling couples". He is the author of the following self-help psychology books: Couples Workbook: Making Your Relationship Work; 100 Ways Married Men Can Remain Emotionally Connected; Life Without Stress, My Journal, and Parenting Education for Hispanic Families. Mr. Santos is the owner of Santos Counseling PLLC a counseling private practice located in Greensboro and Winston-Salem, NC. Mr. Santos is currently completing his doctoral studies at the University of the Cumberlands. He spends his time away from work with his family enjoying the great outdoors.

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