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How do you show your partner love?


One of my favorite books to use when helping couples overcome relationship challenges is the five love languages. In the book, you will discover how to express love to your partner in a manner that speaks to them.

By searching on Google, you and your partner can take the five love languages quiz online. The quiz can be taken together or individually. The goal is to use the results to improve the relationship.

The results will provide you an overview of what’s found in the book. You are able to understand your partners love language. You are able to understand how to love your partner the way that they desire to be loved.

What tends to happen is that people enter relationships and express love using their love language.

Take the case study below:

Sarah enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She says that she prefers hanging out with her peers over anything else. Sarah and her partner Jake have been together for two years. During this time Sarah expresses love to Jake by spending time with him. Together they go on nature walks, watch television, and travel. Jake has always been a feel and touch kind of guy. He enjoys good morning kisses and daily hugs. Friends of Jake and Sarah, often comment how much Jake enjoys hugs.


To improve their relationship, Jake and Sarah took the five love language quiz. Sarah found out that she accepts love through quality time. Jake found that he accepts love through physical touch. Jake and Sarah learned that each had been expressing love to each other in the manner that best resounded to them individually.

It’s truly an interesting platform to understand. When you are able to express to your partner love in their unique love language a shift in the relationship takes place.

In my counseling practice, I often hear couples who effectively use the five languages exercise express feelings of intimate connection and appreciation.

Below is a video that shares how to use the five-love language. The video discusses how the relationship strengthening course helps couples improve their connection and overcome issues by using relationship exercises like that of the five languages.

After watching the video, I hope that you are able to walk away with the following:

  • A stronger understanding of how you can express love to your partner
  • Your partners love language
  • Your love language
  • Details ways to practice loving your partner

As a relationship counselor, I continue to see how this exercise saves marriages and enhances relationships. It’s why I use this same strategy in my relationship strengthening course. To explore the relationship course click here.

The exercises in the course provide couples with direct black and white tools to improve the relationship. One of the goals in helping struggling couples is to provide them with exercises that can promote active engagement. In the course, you will find exercises like the love language exercises, which help couples by promoting inclusive activities, increasing awareness of finding new ways to show love, promoting emotional connection, overcoming issues.