Dating & Relationships
with Juan Santos, M.S., CRC, LPC


Conversation Topics To Strengthen Your Relationship

Topics to talk about that will make your relationship stronger

As a relationship counselor, I have found that conversation is key to establishing a healthy relationship. Consider that best part of your relationship. More than likely, the memory you are holding is one that highlights communication. In my counseling practice, I utilize time with couples to understand ways to improve connection and address issues through communication.


How To Negotiate Chores In Your Relationship

How Chores Can Affect Your Relationship

This weekend, I spent about an hour listening to a radio talk show discuss how one couple ended up separating due to fighting over chores. When I think about chores, I think about doing the laundry or running errands. As a husband and relationship counselor, I found that the topic of the show was accurate.

I’ve worked with hundreds of couples in my counseling practice who struggle to find respect and balance in the area of chores, tasks, and...

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