Your Thoughts Don’t Have To Dictate Your Behavior

Our minds are meaning-making machines. First and foremost, our minds try to protect us by figuring out how to avoid danger. That’s simply part of evolution – if we don’t survive, we won’t be able to enjoy a beautiful sunset, warm embrace, inspiring conversation, inspiring music or art, or life at all.

So, our minds aren’t malevolent (with a few rare exceptions) – they are just trying to taking care of us and minimize pain. However,...


3 Steps To Letting Go Of Problems

You’ve told yourself time and time again that you would never again drink too many mimosas at Sunday brunch, eat half a bag of cookies in one sitting, procrastinate on your taxes until April 14th, or get involved with shady characters.

And at the time you really meant it.

Yet, you still find yourself repeating the same behaviors, even as you recognize that they aren’t benefiting you.

Moreover, you realize that you spend a lot of time thinking about...


10 Strategies For Responding Effectively To Criticism

It’s generally not fun to be at the receiving end of criticism. Also, there's no doubt that some criticism is mean-spirited, hostile, and not really meant to be helpful. However, often we can learn a lot from constructive criticism. The challenge is to resist becoming defensive, which reduces our chances of actually learning something from the situation.

Some tips for receiving critical feedback in effective ways:

Respond calmly. Resist the impulse to jump in and begin defending...


8 Tips For Dealing With Painful Emotions

Into every life some rain must fall.

As smug as this cliché may sound, it’s true. Even if we’ve been blessed with the “happy” gene, we cannot avoid feeling emotionally uncomfortable from time to time.

We feel things for a reason. Our emotional pain carries a message.

If someone close to us passes away, it’s natural for us to grieve and feel sad.

If we receive a dire medical diagnosis, we’re likely to feel anxiety.

When something important to us doesn’t...


Nine Lies We Tell Ourselves To Avoid Change

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with change.

On one hand, we want to move forward and grow, which is a fundamental principle of life. On the other hand, the prospect of change (or actual change) can cause us to feel anxious and as if we want to crawl into a hole or escape by another means. Devouring an entire pizza, going back to bed, having a third (or fourth) beer, or simply continuing life on...


16 Ways To Free Yourself From Overthinking

The Greek philosopher Socrates once proclaimed that the unexamined life is not worth living, implying that it is only through self-examination that we can create a meaningful existence. While it’s vital to have a sense of our strengths and weaknesses, values, and goals, there’s a point at which ruminating can contribute to our misery rather than helping us.

Often we can find ourselves going over and over a conversation we had earlier today, last week, or even...


28 Questions To Ask To Deepen Your Relationships

How well do you really know your spouse? Your best friend? Or your child?

Even if we spend a lot of time with someone, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we understand what makes them tick. If we’re pretty astute, we may think we know where our boyfriend may want to go on vacation, what sort of restaurant our best friend likes, or which movie our son is clambering to see. And maybe we do.

However, such information can...


10 Questions To Ask Yourself For a Happier 2018

As the New Year approaches, you may be evaluating what has transpired in 2017 and what you’d like to experience in 2018. The following questions may help you to constructively and compassionately consider where you’ve progressed during this year, where you’ve possibly taken some unexpected or unhelpful detours, and where you’d like to go in the New Year.

Try to listen to your intuition and feelings as you look through these questions, rather than quickly answering in...


Six Ways To Make Psychotherapy More Effective

Entering into psychotherapy can be the beginning of an impactful journey into a more fulfilling life.

Yet often people complicate this process and sabotage their progress due to misconceptions about what therapy entails. Accepting the following truths can help maximize your chances of making your therapy experience more effective.

Accept that growth and change can feel uncomfortable at times. Yes, psychotherapy should offer you hope that things can get better for you, as well as tools to move...