15 Physical Symptoms of Stress You Shouldn’t Ignore

Short-term stress is a normal part of life and to be expected. Having bills to pay, challenges at work, relationship issues, and health concerns can all trigger anxiety.

Our bodies are equipped to deal with temporary stressors by activating our "fight or flight response", which causes our heart to beat more quickly, our blood pressure to increase, our breathing to quicken, and our muscles to tense.

In addition, our immune system responds to a perceived threat by amping...


22 More Ways To Develop Resilience

If there’s one skill we all need in this unpredictable world, it’s resilience. Try as we might, and however hard we work, life will not always go our way. Some people respond to challenges and setbacks by bouncing back even higher, like a superball. Other people are more likely to land like a lead weight and to remain motionless in the face of adversity. In a previous post, I discussed 15 Ways To Develop Resilience....


The Link Between Your Beliefs and Your Emotions

So often we instinctively recoil from uncomfortable emotions, thinking that we either shouldn't be feeling them or that we cannot handle them. The truth is that we're meant to have a broad range of emotions. The key lies in not judging our feelings and paying attention to what they might be telling us - which might at times include erroneous beliefs about ourselves, other people, and our options.

For example:

Anger may show us what we're passionate about,...


12 Truths About Personal Growth

Many of us find that once we have everything we thought would make us happy, we still have a nagging sense that something is missing – yet we don’t quite know what. Or maybe we still haven’t achieved certain important personal milestones, yet find ourselves blocked against moving forward.

In either case, we may have a hunch that what we need more than anything else is an internal shift – personal growth, to use an oft-used and...


20 Ideas To Bring Peace Into Your Life

Developing a personal meditation practice is perhaps one of the most effective ways to increase our levels of calmness and emotional balance. You probably already know this – but maybe you, like so many of us, haven’t yet gotten around to incorporating meditation into your everyday life. Sitting in formal meditation, on a cushion, in a quiet room, with eyes closed, does not sound appealing or even possible to everyone.

Fortunately, Barbara Ann Kipfer, in her book...


10 Ways To Cope When Your Life Seems Out Of Control

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could finally get – and keep – our life in order? If we never fought with our mates or children? If there was always enough money in the bank and for retirement? If we were always in tip-top condition physically, without any medical concerns? If we could hit our “ideal” weight and maintain this with an unbroken string of healthy yet delicious meals?

According to American Buddhist nun Pema Chodron, author of...


16 Tips To Help You Forgive

“How could he have done that?” “She should pay for her actions!” “I cannot let this go!” “How can I ever trust someone again?”

All of these thoughts and more can run through our minds and torment us after we’ve suffered an injustice by someone.

We are beset by anger, resentment, anxiety, despair, and thoughts of revenge. It can feel almost impossible to move beyond our pain and to even contemplate the possibility of forgiving our offender.

Yet, the...


25 Steps To A Healthy Work-Life Balance When You’re Your Own Boss

It can be difficult enough to juggle work and the rest of your life when you have a typical nine-to-five job. When you work as a freelancer, finding such a balance can be even more challenging.

When your job involves a supervisor and coworkers, you have a built-in structure of sorts. You generally have clear deadlines and people to whom to report, who often give you regular performance reviews. You have meetings on your schedule and agreed-upon...


Stop Overthinking Things and Move Into Action

While it can feel comforting to come up with a reason why we or other people behave in a certain way, simply having insight and knowing (or thinking that we know) the “why” behind people’s motivations does not necessarily translate into taking effective action to deal with the situation. Yes, it’s been said that “The unexamined life is not worth living” (Socrates), and there is a time and place for introspection. There is also an equally...


5 Ways Mindfulness Helps Treat Addiction

“Mindfulness is the miracle by which we master and restore ourselves.” (Thich Nhat Hanh)

Do you find yourself looking forward to your nightly glass (or glasses) of wine a bit too much? Do you struggle with late-night trips to the 7-11 for junk food? Are you dabbling in illicit drug use? Or becoming obsessed with checking your smartphone?

Are you loathe to call your habit an addiction? Okay, maybe it’s easier to call it a strong attachment, but...