16 Tips To Help You Forgive

“How could he have done that?” “She should pay for her actions!” “I cannot let this go!” “How can I ever trust someone again?”

All of these thoughts and more can run through our minds and torment us after we’ve suffered an injustice by someone.

We are beset by anger, resentment, anxiety, despair, and thoughts of revenge. It can feel almost impossible to move beyond our pain and to even contemplate the possibility of forgiving our offender.

Yet, the...


25 Steps To A Healthy Work-Life Balance When You’re Your Own Boss

It can be difficult enough to juggle work and the rest of your life when you have a typical nine-to-five job. When you work as a freelancer, finding such a balance can be even more challenging.

When your job involves a supervisor and coworkers, you have a built-in structure of sorts. You generally have clear deadlines and people to whom to report, who often give you regular performance reviews. You have meetings on your schedule and agreed-upon...


Stop Overthinking Things and Move Into Action

While it can feel comforting to come up with a reason why we or other people behave in a certain way, simply having insight and knowing (or thinking that we know) the “why” behind people’s motivations does not necessarily translate into taking effective action to deal with the situation. Yes, it’s been said that “The unexamined life is not worth living” (Socrates), and there is a time and place for introspection. There is also an equally...


5 Ways Mindfulness Helps Treat Addiction

“Mindfulness is the miracle by which we master and restore ourselves.” (Thich Nhat Hanh)

Do you find yourself looking forward to your nightly glass (or glasses) of wine a bit too much? Do you struggle with late-night trips to the 7-11 for junk food? Are you dabbling in illicit drug use? Or becoming obsessed with checking your smartphone?

Are you loathe to call your habit an addiction? Okay, maybe it’s easier to call it a strong attachment, but...


26 Characteristics of Truly Happy People

How can you tell when you meet a truly happy person?

What signs do you look for? What indicates to you that someone is truly content with their life and themselves?

Genuinely happy people:

Feel gratitude. Happy people appreciate all of the good things in their lives, rather than focusing on what they perceive they lack. Happy people have a “glass half-full” mentality.
Express gratitude. Happy people don’t keep their gratitude to themselves. They let others know how...


7 Ways To Become A More Patient Person

Patience is one of the most useful character traits we can develop.

Whether we’re dealing with a prolonged case of the flu, a troubling relative, learning a second (or third) language, or digging ourselves out of a financial hole, patience makes it possible for us to withstand frustrations, control our temper, regulate our stress level, and keep our situation in perspective.

Facts about patience:

Patience can be even more important than talent. You’ve probably heard the fable about the...


30 Tips To Increase Your Happiness In 2019

As you ring in the New Year, no matter what your personal resolutions may be for 2019, chances are that you would like to live with a modicum of happiness and contentment. Although priorities vary from person to person, the following are guidelines that are likely to help:

List three positive things that happened in your day and consider what caused them. How did you contribute? What roles did other people play? This exercise gives you...


Make 2019 The Year You Finally Solve Your Problems

As the New Year approaches, we tend to review the high points and challenges of the past 12 months, and make some resolutions for the coming year. For many of us, those resolutions can be much the same as those we made last year.

Why is it that some problems are so difficult to surmount, even when we’ve spent countless hours, money, and energy on trying to solve them? The answers vary, depending on the magnitude and...


What You Need To Know About Panic Attacks

Anyone who has experienced a panic attack will tell you that such episodes are among the most painful, terrifying, and seemingly unbearable experiences he or she has endured. Panic attacks can come out of the blue and generally last no longer than ten minutes or so – but that ten minutes can feel like an eternity and have a traumatic impact on you.

Common physical symptoms of a panic attack include:

Heart palpitations
Shortness of breath


9 Ways Exercise Improves Your Emotional Health

Whether you’ve been down in the dumps due to a relationship ending, have gotten into a funk during the shorter winter days, or even suffered clinical depression requiring medical attention, chances are that you’ve experienced depression in some form during your life. Maybe you’ve gone through such classic symptoms as not enjoying activities that you used to enjoy, changes in appetite, insomnia or difficulty getting out of bed, recurrent episodes of crying, or feeling completely devoid...