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Archives for January, 2014


Fish Oil and Your Brain

According to a study published in the January 22, 2014 on-line edition of the journal Neurology, the higher the level of fish oils in your blood, the larger your brain volume is likely to be, implying that such oils may slow down the loss of brain cells as you age.

The study team assessed the level of the marine omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA in the red blood cells of over 1,000...
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What You May Not Know About Mindfulness

Everywhere we turn these days, there seems to be another article extolling the benefits of mindfulness, and with good reason. Adopting a regular mindfulness practice can help treat:

substance abuse
obsessive-compulsive disorder
eating disorders such as bulimia, compulsive overeating, and anorexia
emotional volatility
high blood pressure
chronic pain
gastrointestinal difficulties

However, a number of misconceptions about mindfulness are also floating around, such as the following:

Mindfulness is simply...
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Stress, Brain Changes, and Depression

You probably already know at an intuitive level that after feeling anxious and stressed for awhile, your mood tends to dip a bit. Maybe you’re just mildly dejected, or perhaps you develop a full-fledged depression. Unfortunately, it can get worse, assuming that what holds true for mice holds true for humans -- if you've been traumatized, your brain can actually go through significant hormonal changes that can plummet you into a chemical...
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How to Spot an Addiction and Get Help

There are few topics as loaded as addiction – especially if you’re talking with someone (perhaps yourself) who’s struggling with an unhealthy attachment to a substance (such as alcohol, drugs, or food) or behavior (gambling, sex, or shoplifting). We generally don’t like to feel as if we’re in the grips of a behavior that we can’t control.

Not to minimize the potentially devastating effect of addiction, but it’s possible...
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