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Archives for August, 2013


4 Reasons to Practice Self-Compassion

“I’m too old not to be on my own side.” (Maya Angelou)
Nor are you ever too young to be on your own side. Developing self-compassion offers far-reaching benefits.

1) For instance, you might think that taking a stern approach with yourself about your smoking habit would help to achieve your aim. However, a recent study revealed that smokers who offer themselves self-compassion rather than self-condemnation were able to reduce their smoking more than...
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Breaking Free From Emotional Perfectionism

Are you an emotional perfectionist?

Do any of the following statements ring true for you?

I should always be happy and upbeat.

I should never feel depressed or anxious.

I should be able to snap out of a “negative” state of mind.

Often we have an idealistic view of happy and successful people. We believe that such individuals constantly have a smile on their face, see only the best in life, and are never bothered...
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15 Hints for Effective Communication

The manner in which we communicate with others has a major impact on the quality of our relationships. Yet not many of us were given a class in effective communication during our formal education, leaving us to wing it and learn by trial and error.
Approaching someone to make a request can be scary. There’s no guarantee that we’ll get what we desire, and often we’re a bit concerned...
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Tips For Developing New Habits

There's no way around it -- habits are often difficult to alter, especially at the outset. Some habits are more deeply engrained than others, but adopting a new routine is bound to require some extra energy at first, simply because you need to get off auto-pilot and pay more attention to what you’re doing. Our brains naturally prefer “the usual routine” (until we’re bored out of our minds), due to the same...
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