Eating Disorders

Recovery Advice To My (Relatively) Younger Self

As part of Eating Recovery Day, I have been asked to share some thoughts on eating disorder recovery. Specifically, what I would tell my “younger self” (I was 46 years old) just starting out in recovery. Today, I am just over nine years into recovery from eating disorders, primarily bulimia.

April 8, 2007: Sitting in my usual chair in my shrink’s office. A day after waking up on the back end of a drug and alcohol induced blackout. Confusion. Fear. Addiction. Bulimia. They...

Eating Disorders

Hey NEDA and Proud2Bme, What About Us Guys?

I could have just added this as an update to my recent op-ed on the struggle of male eating disorder awareness but it's such a "face-palm" and embarrassment to organizations who claim to speak for diversity that it's worthy of a separate post.

I came across this event being promoted by The National Eating Disorders Association(NEDA) and "Proud2BeMe" who is the name sponsor.  Great event. A great group of activists participating. I love that. Lots of diversity except   Can you figure it out? ...


I Am On “Suicide Watch”

In July of 2005, I put a gun in my mouth. A forty-five automatic given to me as a Christmas present.  I wanted to see what it would feel like in preparation to take my own life.

I had decided that my future was non-existant beyond a dark, black, abyss with no hope. I would be doing my family a favor in relieving them of the shame that, in mind, I  knew they felt about me. ...

Eating Disorders

An OPEN LETTER On Gender Bias As A Barrier To Evidenced Based Eating Disorder Treatment

Last week saw some conflict in the realm of eating disorder advocacy around the role of feminism in eating disorders treatment and recovery. It began with some “live tweets” from the Keynote Address at the 15th Renfrew Center Annual Gala. Renfrew is an eating disorders treatment center (that according to their website, treats only women).  Feminist Gloria Steinem delivered the speech.

Eating disorder awareness advocate Brian Cuban and I took note of the tweets. We were concerned...


Gary Was A Friend, A Lawyer, An Addict.

A muggy, hot summer morning.  My usual drive to my favorite Starbucks in Dallas.  Where I had written most of my book outlining my struggles with body dysmorphic disorder, addiction and eating disorders.  I had touched on how they affected my career(or lack thereof) as an attorney and my struggles during law school but never really went into the reality of what it meant to be a lawyer and an addict. A profession often wrapped around...