One thought on “Creativity Is Ultimately Sexual

  • October 3, 2011 at 9:08 pm

    The idea that “Creativity is Ultimately Sexual” is ridiculous. Sexual feeling is not the same thing as creativity. Many highly creative persons feel that sex simply gets in the way of their creativity. The two domains are not identical at all.The great science fiction/horror writer H. P. Lovecraft, for example. Lovecraft can best be described as asexual. He was a genius when it came to horror writing and weird fiction, but he had no real interest in sex of any sort. It was antithetical to his art. It did not contribute to any of his creations. All of his vast creativity emerged from his dreams, and from a powerful, strictly rational intelligence. From pure intellect, and an emotional fascination with the bizarre.Anyone claiming that creativity is in essence sexual will have to explain away geniuses like Lovecraft. Contrary to what his name suggests, the man had absolutely no interest in love. He regarded other people as an alien species. Something to be feared. He once said that the highest aspiration of art is to find beauty in the cold, icy, inhuman vastness of the universe. Humans count for nothing whatsoever. All human eros and sexuality is just so much noise. All that matters is the unfeeling, unthinking vastness of existence.Lovecraft had no deep interest in other people at all. To him, they were just part of the background landscape. They added a little bit of color, and that was it. He regarded them as of no importance, and he wrote about them as such. Almost none of his stories are very concerned with character development. None at all place any value on human relationships or feelings. The very last thing that was important to Lovecraft was sex.You might think such a man would be very unimaginative and dry. Nothing could be further from the truth. His stories and writings display a profound fascination with the harsh strangeness of the world and with the bleakness of existence that is utterly unique. His writings have an unusual power to grip the mind in a way that is almost archetypal in its resonance.All accomplished without sex or emphasis on sex in any way whatsoever.The idea that sex is somehow synonymous with creativity is an unproven assumption. It is unsupportable. I do wish more attention was paid to those creative artists who regard sex as unimportant, rather than those who drench themselves in it.You can read more about Lovecraft here:


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