One thought on “Kristen Stewart on Directing Her Movie About Emotional Pain, and Being Highly Sensitive

  • May 25, 2017 at 3:43 am

    Yes an interesting and common dilemma if your HSP and of the “INFP ” MBTI coding…Theres usually a lot of talent, which is submerged under a kind of self critical lack of confidence, though some like me who got swamped by the big city eventually adopted a kind of extravert veneer, of a variable design in my case because I couldn’t find any sense of centre around which to operate.
    Unwittingly though this was and is a clever way of getting by, I was being my own worst enemy because there was in fact a rather insidious syndrome called PTSD at work in my psychology.
    When this factor emerged, more or less by chance, I guess that gave me a sense of the ” probability” of type, as above, and also the means to understand the effect this had on my life. Therapy ,information and a lot of quiet solitary work has, I hope, brought an emergent and stable sense of peace.
    I can empathise with the fear of spotlight, because some 11 years ago, some of my own creative skills in the form of a drawing , toured the country, and we lucky chosen for this national exhibition had to gather in a famous gallery in” the smoke “, for all the bullshit and media paraphernalia.
    Personally I did much clenching of whatever could be clenched and a lot of quiet scuttling away from the group which had gathered in front of my work , which was speaking for itself,as I saw it, and did not need any of my inarticulate nervy gabbling to spoil it. I guess theres something of our souls in INFP artistic expression, so criticism feels a bit like being flayed , and we do enough of that to ourselves.
    However, I’ve eventually learned to grow up, oh well just a weeny bit…lol.. and balanced out my introversion with a pretty big dollop of confidence, having done plenty of math to manage this PTSD mental health issue.
    Art and creativity has been in a fallow field for some time, but like nature ,as the soil recovers, that which is the real me has begun to emerge amongst the new shoots.
    By the way, Bodach is gaelic for old man, I’ve gotten there but I really haven’t except for my appearance.
    Guess its time to avoid those glazed things and let art mirror life.


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