One thought on “An Intense Inner Pressure to Create

  • February 5, 2012 at 5:12 pm

    The intenal pressure to create can over ride all others at times. Sometimes up there on the same level as survival itself. Like whats the point of bodily survival, if theres no meaning to it, just preservation of material cells and flesh?. Want to be slave to cells and genes?. For some people, they need more, more reason to exist. the point when you realize you are more than a propagating genetic code. Who knows, maybe this thinking its flawed, maybe its a mental disorder of some kind, an aberation. Is it fancy-minded or arrogant?. Society sends mixed messages, so you never know where you are. One one hand, in high circles its says of creativity, its a valued trait, on the other hand in the reality of action, it behaves as if it has less value than menial labour. Truth is I just dont know in our modern times. It seems in our present decade, and I fight against it, the realisation, is the value of creativity is in rapid decline. Whatever the intentions of the policy makers or those people in the top part of society, that have the magic to bring forth the best of humanity, well, they are reallly f**king up, or maybe just dont care I feel our societies place increasing value on the dominant, cognative, thinking, intellectual expressions in all human fields, art, medicine, psychology, business, education, science, at the expense of the heart-based feeling approches that are the roots center of all the arts. It seems to me, those that feel the pressure to create are going to be driven underground, at increasing odds and out of sync with a society that just does not care enough to see this expression of human experience survive. Those that feel the this pressure are in danger of being forced into societies margins as a subculture and will be struggle to survive as ‘devient’ from the norm. This pressure to create may become to those afflicted more like a curse than a gift, just hope there will be a strong enough subculture to enable us to survive.


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