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Adele and Amy Schumer and Self-esteem

"I’m amazing for you, not because of you."

Do you compare yourself to others, your life to other lives? That may be natural, even inevitable, since we live as social beings - but it can erode our self-esteem.

Comedian, writer and actor Amy Schumer has related an experience that lowered esteem and confidence; maybe you can relate or find it is familiar:

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Self Esteem and a Quiet Ego

How does self esteem impact our lives and creativity? How do traits like egocentrism and narcissism relate to self esteem?

In his post here on PsychCentral, Steve Bressert, explains that Narcissistic Personality Disorder is "characterized by a long-standing pattern of grandiosity (either in fantasy or actual behavior), an overwhelming need for admiration, and usually a complete lack of empathy toward others.
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Creative Thinking

How To Write Better and More: Advice From Authors

What gets in the way of our writing? There is no simple answer, of course, but here are some perspectives from accomplished authors on what to be aware of and what to do that may help write more and write better.

Stephen King relates an early experience that affected his writing and acceptance of himself as a writer – the kind of experience probably most of us have had to some degree: criticism from his...
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Creative Thinking

Be Normal or Be Creative

“I don’t know what ‘normal’ means, anyway.”
How does being unusual or eccentric in our viewpoints, thinking, personal style and other choices help us be more creative and innovative?

Karl Lagerfeld, the prominent fashion designer, photographer, publisher, and artistic director of Chanel, has very eclectic and unusual tastes in clothing – so I would consider him one example of an eccentric creator.

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Barbara Sher: Having Many Interests Is Not a Disorder

Do you have a wide range of passionate interests, even "too many"? Maybe you have never "settled down" into a well-defined career. Maybe you think you have ADHD - and maybe you do, but you may really be what Barbara Sher refers to as a Scanner.

In her video below, she notes it may not be the best term, and there are others such as “Polymath,” “Renaissance Soul,” or pejorative ones like “Dilettante.”

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Using Your Creative Voice

Do you express yourself creatively - or in other ways - as fully and authentically as you want? If you're like most of us, the answer is No. For one thing, our inner dialogue can be less than helpful or encouraging.

Author Pearl Cleage points out some of the ways our inner critic may dampen our creative voice:

"I think one of the things that writers and creative artists generally have to deal with...
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Are All Creative People Insecure?

Even people with exceptional creative talents and accomplishments can feel insecure.

Meryl Streep, for example, has said, “I have varying degrees of confidence and self-loathing…You can have a perfectly horrible day where you doubt your talent… Or that you’re boring and they’re going to find out that you don’t know what you’re doing.”

Over the years of reading biographies and...
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