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Creative People – Mood Disorders and Misdiagnosis

“I’ve been accused of being ‘too much’ all my life. Too loud, too fast, too smart, too multi-talented, too audacious.

Writer, writing coach, teacher, and speaker Cynthia Morris continued,

“I’ve never been able to live according to that external standard of ‘just right’. Artists are often ‘too much’. It’s the job of the artist and writer to reflect what they see and feel.

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Developing Creativity

Who do you think you are to be creative?

Do you feel confident about calling yourself an artist, or a creative person? Or do self-doubts get in the way?

The photo is wildlife artist Kelby Love. A profile says "Kelby never doubted the focus of his life" and now his clients include publications such as Outdoor Life and National Geographic. (Arizona Fine Art Expo.)

Artists are at times depicted...
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Adele and Amy Schumer and Self-esteem

"I’m amazing for you, not because of you."

Do you compare yourself to others, your life to other lives? That may be natural, even inevitable, since we live as social beings - but it can erode our self-esteem.

Comedian, writer and actor Amy Schumer has related an experience that lowered esteem and confidence; maybe you can relate or find it is familiar:

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Creative Thinking

Psychological Androgyny and Creative People

"A writer should be woman-manly or " Virgina Woolf

Creativity researcher Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi explains that psychological androgyny refers to "a person’s ability to be at the same time aggressive and nurturant, sensitive and rigid, dominant and submissive, regardless of gender.

"A psychologically androgynous person in effect doubles his or her repertoire of responses and can interact with the world in terms of a much richer and varied spectrum of opportunities.

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Creative Thinking

Does Being Neurotic Help Us Be More Creative?

Woody Allen admits he has “a lot of neurotic habits. I don’t like to go into elevators, I don’t go through tunnels, I like the drain in the shower to be in the corner and not in the middle.”

With so much psychology related material in the news and culture, we may be especially concerned with whether our behavior is a disorder, or normal - whatever that is - and if our eccentricities can help...
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Creative Thinking

Being Sensitive But Rocking The Boat

Being creative is not some kind of personality trait; you need to have more than just creative ideas or innovative possibilities, you need to actually do something in the world: record that song, write a book or article, put together a smart phone app.

As author and entrepreneur Seth Godin says, “What you do for a living is not be creative, what you...
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