Resources For Multi-Passionate Entrepreneurs

“Your idea is only as good and bankable as the business behind it.”

Beate Chelette is a career coach and successful entrepreneur. She sold her creative business to Bill Gates in 2006 for millions, and says she is now devoted to “teaching the proven formulas that I still use in my successful business today.”

In a section of her site, she writes about The Creative Entrepreneur:

“If you’re like most creatives, you have great ideas and see the big picture… But how do you build the business structure around it so that you can serve your clients better and put more money in your pockets? …

“As a creative photographer, producer, photography representative, and stock syndication owner, I struggled as a creative. …

“Being a creative entrepreneur for a lot of people means enduring what’s commonly known as the ‘feast-or-famine’ existence, with roller-coaster results and plenty of anxiety.

“This is almost always due to some combination of fear, low confidence, poor or no pricing strategy and a lack of sound planning.”


Are you an entrepreneur, or want to be one? Do you relate to any of that?

Here is a video intro for her course that can help you with a variety of issues around being successful as a creative entrepreneur:

The course page says it “isn’t just general advice or inspiration — it’s an intensive immersion into the essentials for your small business.

“You’ll learn about laying the groundwork that gets your business through the difficult first year and beyond.

“You’ll explore the legal and financial aspects of funding your business and keeping it afloat. From business licensing to pricing to marketing strategies to techniques that boost your bottom line, you’ll gain confidence in handling the day-to-day challenges that come with small business ownership.”

Learn more and see free preview video “What to Do With Your Idea” on the CreativeLive course page:

Turn Your Talent Into a Business in 12 Steps with Beate Chelette.


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