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Archives for February, 2016


Emotional Intelligence To Be Creative – Part 3

What emotions and thinking may hold us back from being more creative?

The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence article "Creativity, Emotions and the Arts" quoted in Part 2 talks about students holding back from being creative out of concerns "that people might think original ideas are silly" - but this kind of retreating from creative work can apply to us at any age.

An example might be Joss Whedon - one of my favorite...
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Life circumstances

Emotional Intelligence To Be Creative

“I am the kind of person that feels so much that if I didn’t have acting (and music), I would burst from all of the emotion inside!”  – Actor Gloria Reuben

“I don’t like emotions… For some reason I’m more comfortable in imaginary circumstances.” – Actor William H. Macy

Do you remember how much you felt and thought as a child? Probably a lot if you are creative, especially if you are gifted or...
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