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Jamie Lee Curtis: Writing Is More Creatively Satisfying

Jamie Lee Curtis at book signing

Although acclaimed as an actor, Jamie Lee Curtis says she finds writing “way more” artistically satisfying for her than acting.

Her multiple children’s books “address core childhood subjects and life lessons in a playful, accessible way,” her bio notes.

One of those important subjects is adoption, which is the topic of “Tell Me Again About The Night I Was Born.”

An interviewer asked if writing children’s books was a “longheld fantasy.”

Curtis says, “No. I don’t fantasize. I’m not a dreamer, really. I’m much more of a realist. Always have been, since I was little.”

[“Why write about adoption since you consider it so personal?”]

“The story hadn’t been told in a humorous and celebratory way. It really was born out of many people’s misunderstanding of my daughter’s life and how we became a family.

“I respect Annie’s privacy and felt odd writing a book about adoption and obviously basing it on the experience of our family, but at the same time keeping our family history very private. It was a complicated balancing act.”

She adds, “It’s a book which is really written to open peoples’ eyes and ears and hearts and minds to something that most people still talk about in hushed voices.”

Curtis says she is “tremendously proud of my books. They are the closest thing to who I am as a human being. It is my sensibility. It is how I look at the world.”

From interview by Sue Russell for Hello! magazine, UK, 2001.

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Here is a video interview with her. Curtis admits, “At first it was very hard to call myself an author, even though I’d written a couple of books.”

She also says, “I never in my life thought I’d write a book. I respect writers, read voraciously and join book clubs. I go back to college and take courses, listening to great professors talk about literature.”

Curtis is author of multiple children’s books, including I’m Gonna Like Me: Letting Off a Little Self-Esteem (2013).

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There are many online resources available to help you be a successful author – here are a couple:

Udemy – a “marketplace for online learning” – has a wide range of courses, including many on writing (business, fiction, non-fiction etc) – such as: “How To Publish Children’s Books Without Writing a Word.”

Shelley Hitz – “Helping authors succeed in writing, publishing, and marketing.”


Jamie Lee Curtis: Writing Is More Creatively Satisfying

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