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Archives for November, 2015

Creative Thinking

How To Write Better and More: Advice From Authors

What gets in the way of our writing? There is no simple answer, of course, but here are some perspectives from accomplished authors on what to be aware of and what to do that may help write more and write better.

Stephen King relates an early experience that affected his writing and acceptance of himself as a writer – the kind of experience probably most of us have had to some degree: criticism from his...
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Creative Thinking

Solitude To Be Creative

Some forms of creative expression – such as acting and filmmaking – involve collaborating with other people. But a number of artists make use of isolation and do their best creative work alone.

One example: George Orwell chose to write “Nineteen Eighty-Four” (from about 1946-1949) while living in Barnhill (photo), an abandoned farmhouse on the isle of Jura in the Inner Hebrides.

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