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Creating and Intuition and Procrastination

Kate Mara as Zoe Barnes in House of Cards

“A good artist lets their intuition lead them wherever it wants.” – Lao-Tzu

Do you use intuition in your creative explorations? Or other parts of your life? Many creative people declare intuition is a valuable, even essential, part of making choices for creative work.

That quote above (rephrased to be ungendered) comes from a post by writer and photographer Christopher Jennings Penders, who comments:

“When I was writing fiction, there was at least a seventy percent chance I didn’t know where my story would end up. My characters led me on a journey; more to the point, my intuition told me where to go.

“I ALWAYS listened. I ALWAYS let my characters go. I ALWAYS let them direct me. I SINCERELY believe letting my characters tell me where to go, strengthened my intuition.”

From post: Writing and Intuition by Christopher Jennings Penders.

But accessing and using intuition may be challenging for some people, as Linda Kreger Silverman, Ph.D. (director of the Institute for the Study of Advanced Development) notes:

“Individuals with higher intelligence are likely to be well educated. Higher education indoctrinates students to think logically and skeptically and to dismiss intuitive information.”

Also, our intuition isn’t always trustworthy.

In his article “Intuition or Intellect,” David G. Myers notes one example, “My geographical intuition tells me that Reno is east of Los Angeles and that Rome is south of New York. But I am wrong.”

From my post Wrestling with our intuition.

A guide for personal and creative growth

Christine Kloser, a transformational book coach, spiritual guide and author, addresses the topic in a post. She writes:

“Do you sometimes hear that little voice inside your head that is trying to guide you in a direction that’s out of your comfort zone? Do you feel that tug from your soul every now and again that is trying to tell you something that you haven’t been able to hear, yet… perhaps because of unconscious fear or uncertainty?

“Maybe you do that nudge to do something, yet your brain is giving you a thousand reasons why you shouldn’t. Well, my advice to you today is to trust that nudge, that little voice in your head. That is your soul guiding you on your transformational path.

“The road may be paved with confusion and uncertainty at first, but if you hold on tight, that ride may be the best thing that ever happened to you!”

Procrastination can hold us back in many areas, including our creative work.

In his book Mastering Creative Anxiety, creativity coach Eric Maisel, PhD asks, “Are you creating less often than you would like? Are you avoiding your creative work altogether? Do you procrastinate? That’s anxiety.”

[Read more quotes in my post Creative Anxiety.]

Kloser says, “The procrastination goes away naturally the more focused you are on listening to your soul and paying attention to those nudges. You establish a trusting relationship with the highest part of your Self, and gain the confidence to do something you haven’t done before.

“You might not have 100 percent clarity right away on the entire path ahead, but you’ll have enough of an intuitive ‘nudge’ to move you forward. And when you take action, you’ll discover that it was either the exact right thing that you were meant to do, or it helped you take another step in a different direction that was really where you were meant to be – where you feel most joyful, most expressed, most peaceful.”

She adds, “Our greatest successes usually come just outside our comfort zone. (Believe me, if I end up on Shark Tank it’ll be way out of my comfort zone!) It’s out there, in that unknown place called the future that your dreams live.

“I would have never experienced the business and personal successes I have in the past few years if I hadn’t listened to that nudge in February 2011 – to break away from what I ‘knew’ and follow my intuition to combine my passion for personal transformation – and book writing – to create my Transformational Author Experience.”

From post: “Trust Your Intuition” by Christine Kloser, from the blog section of her site

Christine Kloser is hosting a series of complimentary weekly webinars on Mondays: “How to Write Your Transformational Book in Record Time… And Avoid the Top 3 Mistakes That Keep Most Authors Stuck, Frustrated and Unpublished”.

Learning to develop intuition

Tune In / Positive Intuition course by Sonia ChoquetteIntuition coach Sonia Choquette has written 23 books on intuition, including several New York Times bestsellers.

One of her books is Tune In: Let Your Intuition Guide You to Fulfillment and Flow.

Learn about her related Tune In / Positive Intuition course via Mindvalley Academy.

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[Photo at top: Reporter Zoe Barnes (played by Kate Mara) in the Netflix series House of Cards, from my resource page Programs for Authors and Writer Entrepreneurs.]

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Have you responded to your intuitive inner voice to be more creative?


Creating and Intuition and Procrastination

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