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Archives for September, 2015

Creative Thinking

Be Normal or Be Creative

“I don’t know what ‘normal’ means, anyway.”
How does being unusual or eccentric in our viewpoints, thinking, personal style and other choices help us be more creative and innovative?

Karl Lagerfeld, the prominent fashion designer, photographer, publisher, and artistic director of Chanel, has very eclectic and unusual tastes in clothing – so I would consider him one example of an eccentric creator.

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Using Subtle Energy To Be Creative

In an article, Suzanne Falter-Barns quotes Deepak Chopra: "Creativity is ultimately sexual - I'm sorry -- but it is!"

Falter-Barns comments, "I couldn't agree more. I'd always had this sense that self-expression, passion and the stirrings of your soul were intertwined."

The field of "energy medicine" claims to understand and help people understand and make use of subtle energy, including chakras or energy centers.

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Barbara Sher: Having Many Interests Is Not a Disorder

Do you have a wide range of passionate interests, even "too many"? Maybe you have never "settled down" into a well-defined career. Maybe you think you have ADHD - and maybe you do, but you may really be what Barbara Sher refers to as a Scanner.

In her video below, she notes it may not be the best term, and there are others such as “Polymath,” “Renaissance Soul,” or pejorative ones like “Dilettante.”

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