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Archives for August, 2015


Drumming and Brainwaves and Creativity

There are many personal reports and research studies on how meditation can help people be more creative.

For example, In his post 5 Keys To Freeing Up Creativity From David Lynch, David Silverman comments that multitalented artist and movie director David Lynch has "talked about freeing up his subconscious to write screenplays using TM [Transcendental Meditation].

"He believes the process helps him catch ideas on a deeper level. He feels meditation expands...
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Using Your Creative Voice

Do you express yourself creatively - or in other ways - as fully and authentically as you want? If you're like most of us, the answer is No. For one thing, our inner dialogue can be less than helpful or encouraging.

Author Pearl Cleage points out some of the ways our inner critic may dampen our creative voice:

"I think one of the things that writers and creative artists generally have to deal with...
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Joss Stone – Artist and Empath

Psychologist Elaine Aron, PhD is perhaps the leading expert on high sensitivity, or more technically, sensory processing sensitivity.

She explains that the trait includes a higher level of empathy:

“Highly sensitive individuals are those born with a tendency to notice more in their environment and deeply reflect on everything before acting, as compared to those who notice less and act quickly and impulsively. As a result, sensitive people, both children and adults, tend to be empathic,...
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