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Being Curious to Be More Creative

“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.” — Dorothy Parker

Brian Grazer

Curiosity fuels artistic and scientific exploration, and is a characteristic of gifted and creative people. It is also a strength and trait that encourages personal growth.

Psychologist Todd Kashdan thinks “Curiosity appears to be a fundamental motive in facilitating industry and creativity. Writers, artists, inventors, scientists, and others engaged in the creative process often refer to curiosity to describe the compelling psychological need to work at their craft.

“Without curiosity, the act of pursuing success, eminence, and creativity is not enough to motivate an individual to consistently maintain 10-, 12-, or even 16-hour workdays at the expense of developing balance between work and other life roles…”

But we may lose at least some of our curiosity when we “grow up” – as Kashdan notes:

“Children have boundless curiosity to explore everything. Then there’s something that occurs when we enter adulthood. We learn the rules, we want to develop some closure, we want to feel intelligent, we want to feel some level of certainty and structure in our lives. We get caught up in the struggle to control uncertainty, which we can’t actually do.”

See more quotes and a video in my article: Curiosity may help you find your true potential.

Todd Kashdan, Ph.D. is author of the book Curious?: Discover the Missing Ingredient to a Fulfilling Life.

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The photo is film and TV producer Brian Grazer, whose “curiosity conversations” with accomplished people over the course of decades have “sparked the creative inspiration behind many of his movies and TV shows, including Splash, 24, A Beautiful Mind, Apollo 13, Arrested Development, 8 Mile, J. Edgar, and many others,” as a summary of his book notes.

Grazer writes in his book:

“A couple of years ago, I started thinking about curiosity as a value I wanted to share, a quality I wanted to inspire in other people. I thought, What I’d really like to do is sit down and tell a few stories about what curiosity has done for me.

“I’d like to tell stories about the sheer joy of discovery that open-ended curiosity offers. That’s the kind of joy we have as kids when we learn things just because we’re curious. You can keep doing that as an adult, and it’s just as much fun.”

He also notes how important curiosity has been his professional life: “I long ago figured out how to be systematic about using curiosity to help me tell stories, to help me make good movies, to help me learn about parts of the world far from Hollywood.”

“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” — Albert Einstein

The Dorothy Parker quote and this one are from the book A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life by Brian Grazer and Charles Fishman.

[The photo of Grazer (from Architectural Digest) is also in my article What Is Power And Empowerment?]


In addition to reading widely, taking classes on different subjects can inspire your creativity and curiosity.

Two sources of online courses:

CreativeLive“Free and tuition online classes taught by top instructors: workshops in photography, video, design, business, audio, music, software, life skills.”

Udemy – classes in many subjects, including creativity – “From idea generation to creative confidence, the power of the subconcious to innovation and invention, come discover methods of creativity.”


A final quote:

“I believe that curiosity, wonder and passion are defining qualities of imaginative minds and great teachers.” – Psychologist Kay Redfield Jamison, from her article: The Benefits of Restlessness and Jagged Edges.


Being Curious to Be More Creative

Douglas Eby

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